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The democratisation of healthcare – opportunities and challenges

Much has been discussed about how the explosion of healthcare data can lead to better health insights and outcomes for more people, given the access to cheaper computing power and growth of artificial intelligence technologies to process huge amounts of data. However, the reality is that the current sources of data are fragmented and unstructured,… Read More »

Healthcare Needs AI, AI Needs Causality

AI should be built on rigorous knowledge… Ali Rahimi [1] Olimpia Zagnoli Note: This is a follow-up to an earlier article on causal machine learning, “AI Needs More Why”. There’s much to be excited about with artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare: Google AI is improving the workflow of clinicians with predictive models for diabetic retinopathy [2],… Read More »

Accelerating innovation in healthcare through the patient’s voice

Patients should play a central role when designing digitalised processes and services for healthcare, according to speakers at the Financial Times Digital Health Summit that took place in Berlin last month. Under the motto ‘Enhancing the Impact of Innovation through Collaboration’, sessions focused on the issues of change management and improved cooperation in the healthcare sector. WHAT HAPPENED … Read More »